1. Introduction

DO & CO is committed to respecting your privacy and has established these guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) to protect your privacy and for data protection purposes in order to clearly show how our website works and how any personal information is used.

Our primary principle is not to collect personal information unless such information is provided voluntarily. We define personal information as information that can be used to clearly identify a particular person. Personal information is collected for example if you provide this information as part of an online application.

This Policy explains how we collect and use personal information and what opportunities are available to influence the use of this information and how we protect the information you provide.

By using the DO & CO website you accept this Policy without restriction and agree to the collection and use of information pursuant to this Policy. Please read the Policy carefully before accessing or using this website. By accessing or using this website, you are declaring that you have read and understood the Policy and agree to be bound by the Policy. Should you not wish to be bound by this Policy, we would ask you not to visit or use this website.

Please note that this Privacy Policy only applies to online activities. DO & CO is entitled to change this Policy. Such changes will take come into force immediately upon implementation on this website. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to the amended Policy.

2. Types of information collected

When you visit our website, we are entitled to collect and store all information you disclose voluntarily or which you disclose in order to visit and use our website. This information also includes personal information, where you agree to this. As part of the collection and processing of your personal information, our primary endeavour is to provide you with the services, offers and information requested by you. Where you requested us to do so, we will use your information to provide you with further information on our products and services as well as information on other products and services which may be of interest to you. Should this be the case, we will explain on our website where we collect information for these purposes.

3. Use of information by DO & CO

Where it is necessary for you to provide personal information in order to gain access to services or to apply to us online, we will explicitly explain how this information is to be used.
We will not sell the personal information you provide to third parties or trade or lease such information. However, we are entitled to pass your personal information on to other companies in the DO & CO group as well as subsidiaries, our agents, contractual and business partners, where this is required for services to be provided to us. For example we are entitled to provide your personal information to

        i. contractual partners supporting our business activities (e.g. service performance, technical support services, delivery services or banking and financing services),

      ii. third parties in connection with the sale, issuing of orders or transfer of business activities in connection with this website, where the information you provide relates to these, or

     iii. third parties, if the applicable law, legal rulings or public law regulations so require.

DO & CO is obliged to oblige third parties

  • to only use the data exclusively within the context of orders from DO & CO,
  • to take the required data protection measures; this includes the obligation to only use employees who have made a undertaking to the third party to uphold data secrecy or who are subject to a statutory confidentiality obligation,
  • not to use any other service provider without consent from DO & CO,
  • to create the necessary technical and organisational preconditions to fulfil the information, correction and deletion obligations of DO & CO in conjunction with DO & CO,
  • upon termination of the services, to hand over to DO & CO all processing results and documents containing data or to continue to store these on behalf of DO & CO or to destroy them
  • to provide to DO & CO all information required to check compliance of third parties with these obligations.

As we carry out investigations into the origin, interests and behaviour of visitors to our website on the basis of the information provided by them during their visit, we are also entitled to combine the information provided by you with information collected from other persons in order to prepare anonymous statistical information. Such summarised statistical data, however, does not include any personal information. We use this information, such as the percentage of male or female visitors or the grouping of visitors into specific age groups, to improve the content on our website.

As our company is constantly evolving and growing, it is possible that we will buy or sell companies, subsidiaries, products and assets. During such transactions, customer data generally and in specific cases also employee data, is seen as a transferable asset. Where DO & CO is subject to a commercial change, e.g. in the wake of a merger, corporate acquisition by another company, through the sale of all of its assets or only parts thereof, the data provided by you could also be transferred. We will undertake everything to inform you by e-mail, letter or public notice of such a change in connection with checks on your personal information.

4. Notice

Where DO & CO collects personal information directly from users, we will not only inform you of the purpose and use of the information collected but also of choices, and where available, the means we offer users to restrict the use and disclosure of personal information. This notice will be made clearly and legibly on our website whenever the respective user is asked for information. DO & CO will not use or publish this information for any purpose other than for which it was collected. DO & CO processes and uses the personal information exclusively for the purposes of servicing existing and potential customers. The customer or potential customer can request deletion of the data at any time. Moreover, the legal regulations apply.

5. Consent

DO & CO is confident that consent represents an excellent principle for its Policy. You therefore also have the choice of not sending any personal information to us (naturally in some circumstances, you would not be able to use all sections of our website or to participate in or use all of the services offered on our website).

On the registration page for e-mail newsletters or other services, there is an “opt-in” mechanism whereby you will not receive the messages or services unless you expressly consent to receipt of these by clicking on the “opt-in” box. For selected messages and services, we will check your express consent before commencing the requested service. Where you decide at a later date that you no longer wish to receive the messages or services, where technically possible, you can cancel these by

  • either changing the previous setting on the relevant website or
  • in the case of an e-mail newsletter, by cancelling receipt of (i) future e-mails on the corresponding services or (ii) rejecting the e-mail newsletter as each e-mail you receive from us includes a link which you can use to delete your details from the e-mail distribution list.

6. Access to inspect, correct and delete information

DO & CO only uses personal information for the purposes for which it was collected in line with your consent. DO & CO takes appropriate steps to ensure that the personal information collected is relevant, accurate, complete and current for the purpose for which it was collected. One measure to ensure this is that where technically possible, users are granted access to their personal information they have disclosed on our website. You can contact us at

DO & CO Restaurants & Catering Aktiengesellschaft
Postal address:
Dampfmühlgasse 5
1110 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 74000 – 0
Fax: +43 1 74000 – 194

with your request for access. On some of our websites, it is possible to enter your user profile or the page with your user preferences and to amend the information as desired. .

7. Security

We are committed to the security of your personal information and take appropriate and reasonable measures to ensure this protection on a long-term basis.
DO & CO uses SSL technology to protect the transfer of personal information. This technology encrypts the information before its transmission via the internet from your computer to our servers. Although DO & CO already uses SSL technology for specific purposes, it cannot guarantee the confidentiality of all data transmissions (including e-mail correspondence) sent from or received by our website. We protect personal information from unauthorised access with what we consider to be reasonable technical controls and appropriate procedures.

Although DO & CO uses physical and administrative (control) procedures to endeavour to protect personal information, we cannot guarantee that this will effect complete control against persons who may attempt to by-pass the security measures or to hinder or prevent receipt via the internet.

8. Cross-border data transfer

The collection, use and disclosure of information of the personal information which is covered by this Policy, may require the transfer of such information into jurisdictions outside the state in which you are resident or have your place of business, and which do not have equivalent provisions to protect and regulate the protection of privacy and data. Should this be the case, we will seek your consent in advance in line with this DO & CO Policy.

9. Storage of personal information

As soon as you provide DO & CO with personal information, we collect and store this information voluntarily provided by you for as long as we require the data in order to provide you with the requested service, unless you have sent us different instructions or where this is required by law.

10. Cookies

Cookies are information signals, which our websites provide to your browser and which are only used by our websites when you are visiting them. The DO & CO websites therefore provide cookies to your web browser, which use unique identification to track how our website is used overall; this is so that we can record which sections of our site users prefer (e.g. based on the number of visits to the respective areas of the sections).

DO & CO can only read the cookies placed by us. We cannot open or read cookies from third parties. We are also entitled to use all the cookies in their entirety to check website visits and website traffic trends. This overall and anonymous information will help us improve the content of the website and may also be shared with partners and other third parties.
If you are a registered user on the DO & CO website and you log in on the site, we may use a cookie supported by your browser which contains an identifier. We use this type of cookie to identify you and grant you access to sections of our website which are only accessible to registered users.

If you only wish to browse, you do not have to accept cookies from our website. However, should you decide you wish to register and log in to special sections of our website and you adjust your browser settings but the cookies are still not accepted, you will need to reset your browser so that our cookies are accepted. Otherwise you will not be able to participate in certain sections of the website. Browsers are usually modified to accept and retain cookies. To find out more about cookies and how to specify your cookie preferences, click on the “Help” tab in your browser and look for “Cookie”.

11. Web beacons

To measure efficiency and visitor traffic to our sites, our sites may use pixel tags (also called clear GIF, web beacons and web bugs) in conjunction with cookies. A pixel tag is a variant of a website graphic which is often invisible as it measures only 1x1 pixel; the pixel tag is used to measure the number of visitors to our site and their navigation through the site. For example, we use such a tag to count the number of people who visit our website or specific pages in our website.

We also include pixel tags in the HTML formatted e-mails we send (or that are sent for us) to check whether the e-mails are opened and to note whether there is a response to an e-mail. Some pixel tags or web beacons can become unusable because the associated cookies are not accepted.

We do not use pixel tag technology to gather personal information.

12. IP adresses

An internet protocol (IP) address is a number code automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) on each internet visit. Like other internet sites, the DO & CO website collects IP addresses to analyse information about visitor numbers and usage of the site. Your IP address does not contain any personal information disclosed by you. However, DO & CO retain the right to use IP addresses to investigate people who threaten the service or customers of our website in line with the legal provisions.

13. Clickstream

Clickstream or clickstream data reflects the specific pages visited by the website user, especially the manner in which the visit took place and how visit behaviour changes and how often web pages are changed. We only track this behaviour on our website. In particular, we do not track any clickstream activity on websites other than DO & CO website.

Clickstream data does not contain or reveal any personal information on the user; we do not compare the data collected by us with personal information disclosed to us by users.

14. Amendments to this Policy by DO & CO

This Policy is reviewed on a regular basis. By using this website, you are acknowledging our right to amend this Policy without prior notice; we endeavour to give notice of changes to this Policy on our website so that you are informed

  • about the type of information we collect as well as
  • the type and nature of its use as well as
  • the circumstances under which we will disclose this information, as long as this is provided for.

We will publish the date of the last update on the website which includes the Policy. We recommend that on each visit, you go to the actual subsection of the DO & CO website on which the Policy is presented for information on any amendments.

16. Contact us

This website and its content are monitored by DO & CO Restaurants & Catering AG.
Should you have any questions on this Policy or the information collected by DO & CO, its use or disclosure practices, please contact

DO & CO Restaurants & Catering Aktiengesellschaft
Postal address:
Dampfmühlgasse 5
1110 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 74000 – 0
Fax: +43 1 74000 – 1

If you contact us, please indicate the name of the website or other online resource and the type of information to which your enquiry relates. We will take the necessary steps to respond promptly to enquiries, requests or concerns relating to the use of your personal information. Where this is not required by law, DO & CO does not guarantee that a response will be given to questions or comments which do not relate to this Policy or the DO & CO principles on the protection of privacy.