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How it all began ... The idea of DO & CO's Flying Chefs was developed in 1996 and was implemented jointly with Lauda-Air. The goal was to offer long-distance flight passengers menus in perfect DO & CO quality and an incomparable on-board experience – a restaurant at above 10,000 meters [32,000 ft.]. Since then the concept was constantly developed further and more and more airlines rely on the only gourmet brand-name product in the airline industry. Numerous national and international prizes and awards underscore the success of this concept.


The training as a Flying Chef takes several months and includes the practical and theoretical training in the areas of airline catering and international event catering. The course of instruction includes the classical workflow in the kitchen (delivery, processing, service) up to the planning / implementation of an event. After this follows the airline-specific training by DO & CO and the airline customers. In a training center / airplane mock-up specifically equipped for this, the precise workflow on board is learned. That is, the perfect preparation of menus with several courses as well as a la carte cooking in the smallest space. The first flights take place jointly with an experienced colleague, before the “new” Flying Chef assumes responsibility for the product. 


Staying grounded. In addition to their duties on board, our Flying Chefs also work at national and international events, which are organised by
DO & CO, in order not to lose touch with the à la carte cuisine. The events range from 2 – 300,000 guests whether Formula 1 racing at the Paddock Club, a Champions League Final, the ATP Masters or a private event. The Flying Chefs also assist their colleagues at airline product presentations at the more than 31 locations worldwide. This position makes it possible to become acquainted with the world and offers great career opportunities in a young, international company.

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