As a consumer goods company we have a clear responsibility to play our part in the protection of our environment from plastic and extensive waste materials. Instead we want to work towards keeping valuable materials in a system where they can be reused, recycled or composted. We want to lead the way in our approach to our products and packaging and are committed to pioneering breakthroughs and new ways of advancing packaging.

We have the opportunity – and the responsibility – to make sure that we keep plastic within a circular economy and out of the environment. The benefits of the circular economy for business are clear. More effective use of materials means lower costs and less waste. It means new sources of value for customers and citizens, better risk management of raw materials and improved approaches to the supply chain. To move to a more circular economy approach, we need to fundamentally rethink the way we design our products and packaging. This means carefully considering the systems in which our products flow



We are very aware of our responsibility and push ourselves to develop and guarantee a completely safe, qualitative and sustainable customer experience of the highest quality. It is DO & CO’s goal to work towards complete circularity by implementing packaging options which have circular capabilities. . In order to achieve this we have allocated extensive resources towards the development of sustainable packaging and alternative solutions.


To achieve our goal of environmentally friendly packaging, we have to take a diverse range of key aspects into consideration. By increasing the use of recycled materials, which are quickly renewable and plant based materials, we aspire to move away from employing processed materials. We try to directly influence our products afterlife, through careful planning of the product’s dimension, weight and material. We continously offer sustainable solutions to our customers in our aspiration to lay the path for a more sustainable air travel business.


We want to establish inspiring behaviour, products and services, and share our knowledge, bearing in mind that all products potentially have circular capabilities. To that end, DO & CO has been actively researching environmentally friendly alternatives to existing packaging for many years.