The people within DO & CO play a vital role in our operations and are the key to successfully living up to our standards. They are brand ambassadors of the company and show passion for hospitality. It is thanks to our people that we are able to provide our customers with an impeccable standard of hospitality. Special commitment and passionate attention is at the heart of our hospitality spirit. Every individual follows the service-oriented principles of the company, which, in turn, make it possible to clearly define ourselves as leaders across the industry.



Creating an environment in which each employee is able to fulfil their true potential has the highest priority at DO&CO. With this in mind, the company is particularly committed to prevent any forms of discrimination including but not limited to:

DO & CO provides

Gender Equality

Confronting homophobic attitudes, behaviours and language with an understanding of individual rights.

We have a broad strategy for diversity and inclusion, to realise our vision for gender equlity:

  • improving the representation of women in management, with a goal of gender balance
  • enabling the inclusion of  lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) employees
  • challenging harmful social norms and stereotypes in our workplaces and beyond

DO & CO strives towards

Religious Awareness

Ensuring rights of worship are recognised and accommodated wherever and whenever reasonably practicable, considering the business needs and requirements.

Our strategy to promote religious awareness across the group focuses on two key aspects:

  • providing the possibility to request holidays to attend festivals for the religious observance of one’s faith
  • possibility to amend work rotas to grant time to attend religious festivals

DO & CO supports


Supporting employees who experience disability whilst through the provision of reasonable adjustments and access to the occupational health service.

There are two main elements to realising our vision for the inclusion of disabilities:

  • ensuring that our workplaces, systems and processes do not present barriers to those with a disability
  • building a culture without any stigma, ensuring that no employee is defined by their disability

DO & CO promotes

Racial Awareness

Addressing racial injustice at work and in our society by increasing representation across all dimensions in our business.

Our strategy aimed to promote sensibility towards the topic of  racial awareness within the group focuses on two key aspects, which are outlined below:

  • Track progress through HR metrics and insights
  • Evaluate topics which we have identified as potentially race discriminatory (e.g. background checks) from a diversity point of view


We have a responsibility to respect human rights and we know that by advancing human rights in our operations, we’re strengthening our business and building trust. DO & CO, as equal opportunity employer, supports human rights , abolishes exploitation and labour rights violations, and supports decent working conditions across its business and supply chain. The company has therefore developed its Human Rights Policy in accordance to UN Guiding Principles


DO & CO is committed to

to ensure that all our employees


enjoy working in an environment in


which they feel comfortable.

Our 5 salient Human Right Issues:

  • Discrimination – DO & CO strives towards a work environment with no discrimination
  • Fair Wages – we ensure equal pay independent of race, sex, skin colour, origin, religion or sexual orientation
  • Freedom of association – DO & CO recognizes each individual’s right of association
  • Harassment – we promote a working environment free of all forms of harassment
  • Health & Safety – the well-being of our employees is at the core of our daily operations

At DO & CO we conduct our operations with honesty, integrity, and with respect for the interests of our employees. Our Code of Business defines the non- negotiables for all our employees. It codifies our values, making clear what is expected from our people. Through living our Code, we will bring our values and purpose to life, every day in everything we do. We shall similarly respect the legitimate interests of those with whom we have relationships. We are committed to providing transparency across all our operations ensuring stakeholders trust what we do. DO & CO conducts its operations in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate and in accordance with internationally accepted principles of good corporate governance. The effectiveness of the company’s Code of Conduct is assured through clear responsibilities along reporting lines, which are systematically defined in all divisions. Falling short of the company’s standards may result in disciplinary actions.


The company hopes that staff will feel able to voice whistleblowing concerns. Anyone who raises concerns has the right to protection from detrimental treatment at all times. DO & CO works to solicit, assess and address the concerns of employees.

We triage inquiries and allegations received, routing them to the appropriate teams for further consideration or action. In some cases, we open a formal investigation, using internal investigators or a third party, depending on the nature of the allegation. We work to see that concerns are appropriately addressed in a timely manner.

We encourage stakeholders to raise concerns and to report activities they suspect may contravene the values and positions we express in our policies and statements. We will not retaliate against any party for raising concerns in good faith.